Strategize to Defeat
Wise Use

by Ann Corcoran, Land Rights Letter, July 1993

In the January/February 1993 issue of Land Rights Letter we reported that a major environmental strategy session took place at the annual meeting of the Environmental Grantmakers Association last October in Washington state. The purpose of the session was to tell participants representing the over 130 foundations and corporations which fund environmental causes about the results of a 50–state study of the Wise Use and Property Rights Movements. Debra Callahan of the Charlottosville, VA–based W. Alton Jones Foundation told an obviously stunned audience that. “...we have come to the conclusion that this is pretty much generally a grass roots movement, which is a problem, because it means there's no silver bullet.”

Land Rights Letter has now obtained an updated copy of this investigation which was “prepared under the direction of The Wilderness Society and its president George Frampton.” Frampton, you will recall, is President Clinton's Assistant Secretary for Fish, Wildlife, and Parks in the U.S. Department of Interior. Entitled, The Wise Use Movement – Strategic Analysis and Fifty State Review, the report, in addition to containing inaccurate summaries of wise use and property rights political action in each state, lays out a step–by–step strategy that the investigation's “advisory committee” suggests environmentalists must follow to defeat wise use.

Lacking a single “silver bullet”, here are the “strategic building blocks” with which environmentalists propose to defeat the growing Wise Use/Property Rights Movements:

The Wise Use Movement – Strategic Analysis and Fifty State Review is available for $11.00 c/o Center for Resource Economics, 1718 Connecticut Avenue, NW, #300, Washington. D. C. 20009.

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