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Moose Cove
Moose Cove
South Lubec Beach
South Lubec Beach

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The Sky

In this remote area at the eastern tip of the country, the sky over the cottages is particulary beautiful and invites observation both day and night.

In clear weather the colors are bright and intense. And since there is little background light at night, the stars, constellations and galaxies appear much brighter and more numerous than one normally experiences.

If you have a telescope, or can borrow one, be sure to bring it.

Click here for free maps of the Lubec area night sky as seen (facing south and looking straight up) for any date and hour as the stars migrate across the sky.

You can print maps of the sky for the dates and times you anticipate needing them and bring them with you. (You may want to reset the map to display black on white background for printing.) When selecting how many pages you need observe how much the positions change from hour to hour.

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