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Driving Directions

1. Travel North on I–95 for 5.6 miles to the NH toll booth ($1.00 toll).

2. Continue on I–95 North 10.1 miles to the Maine state line. (The state line is in the middle of a large green bridge).

3. Continue on I–95 North into Maine.

The Maine Tourist Center is 3.2 miles from the State border. It has useful literature and is a clean rest stop.

4. Continue on I–95 North to the entrance to the Maine Turnpike, 4 miles from the state line, and pay $1.75 toll (has EZPass).

5. Continue on the Maine Turnpike (still also North I–95) for about 37 miles to exit 44, which is I–295 and pay $.60 toll (has EZPass).

6. Continue for about 50 miles on I–295, which skirts Portland and later merges back into I–95 (after cutting off a long curve to the west by I–95). At the merge is the last toll for $.60, near Augusta.

Sight Seeing: Eartha, a 3–story globe at the old DeLorme Map headquarters. (The store with maps, books and related items closed when Garmin bought DeLorme, but the giant globe is still there.) Take Exit 17 on I–295.

Also on Rt 1 north near that exit is the Muddy Rudder restaurant, which is very good and has takeouts.

LL Bean, open 24/7. Take any Freeport exit.

7. Continue north on I–95 (it is no longer called the Maine Turnpike shortly after the toll) for about 77 miles toward Bangor to exit 180.

Exit here only if you need gas, diesel or food. Take a left at the end of the ramp, go over I–95 and turn left. This is Dysart's Truck stop. Fair food at reasonable prices, all non–smoking eating area, clean restrooms.

8. From exit 180, continue on North I–95 for 2.9 miles to exit 182A at Rt 395. Turn right.

9. Rt 395 bypasses Bangor. Continue on 395 for 4.6 miles to exit 6A, the signs read Rt 1A to Ellsworth. (Be careful, there is a 1A exit earlier which goes the wrong way, but –)

You will be going south, but there is a good informal seafood restaurant, the Weathervane, a very short distance to the north on the right side of the road. So you may want to take the first exit.

10. 1A is mostly a 2 lane highway, with varying speed limits. Continue East 22.8 miles, 1/2 hour, to Ellsworth.

About 8 miles on your right is the Lucerne Inn where you might want to get out and stretch while taking in the views of the mountains.

11. In Ellsworth, at the traffic light turn left onto Main St. (This left turn bypasses most of the Ellsworth traffic heading for Bar Harbor.)

For gas, diesel, or fast food go straight and then pick up Rt. 1 to the left later. A very good informal restaurant attached to a motel on the left side of the highway is Jaspers.

12. Continue for 4.1 miles on this bypass until the road dead ends at Rt 1. Turn Left onto Rt 1 North.

13. Continue on Rt 1 N. for 28 miles to the middle of the town of Millbridge. Turn Right onto Rt 1A.

14. Follow 1A which will turn into Rt 1 for 27.6 miles to the town of Machias.

There is a McDonald's (the last one you will encounter) on the West side of town.

15. Continue on Rt 1 for 4.3 miles through Machias and East Machias to the intersection of Rt 1 and Rt 191. Stay on Rt 1 which twists in a 90 degree left turn at this intersection after the East Machias bridge. (Rt. 191 to the right also goes to Moose Cove, but you need the key first so continue on Rt. 1.)

16. Continue on North 1 for 12 miles to the intersection of 1 and 189 Turn right onto 189.

South Lubec:

17.Continue on Rt.189 for 9.7 miles to South Lubec Road. Jones' grocery store, long ago closed, is on the corner and there are signs to Quoddy Head State Park. Turn right.

18. Continue 1.7 miles to the cottage.

Moose Cove:

17.Continue on Rt.189 for 5.4 miles to Rt. 191 and turn right. If you come to the IGA market you have gone too far.

18. Continue on 191 for 5.5 miles to Moose Cove.

Major Milestones
Starting at Mass/NH Border
To Time
Portland (Exit 44 Maine Turnpike) 1 hr
Augusta toll 1 hr
Bangor exit 182A for 395 1 hr
Ellsworth (via 1A) 1/2 hr
Millbridge 1/2 hr
Machias 1 hr
1 and 189 turn 20 min
South Lubec/Moose Cove 20/30 min

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