South Lubec Beach Maine Oceanfront Vacation Rental Cottage

Previous Vacationers' Experiences and Impressions

Family of 4 from Oklahoma

You all, we had a wonderful time! The cottage is lovely, everything was there that you might possibly need. The views from the kitchen dining area are spectacular, it was a little bit of heaven for us. We really enjoyed special family time...

The tides in that area are just amazing, at first I was a little frightened that the tide would come and swallow me up if I got too far away from the cottage, but I realized it came back in slowly. We hiked all over the place even out to the sandbar. Mark and I even found some pink seaglass. We enjoyed watching the eagles one adult would come around every day during low tide and sit on the rocks. Then we saw I guess what would be a yearling sit for hours on the piers out by the sandbar, and it was not very good at catching his food, but by the end of the week he seemed to be getting the idea. ...

We ate out three times while we were there. Phinneys was good they had a special on lobster.. I had steak and shrimp (although I must say those folks don't know what a real steak is.) We had lunch at Diane's [now Murphy's]. It was very good (two thumbs up)! We had dinner at Uncle Kippy's it was great and our favorite! Maine shrimp have a wonderful flavor so much different from Gulf shrimp....

West Quoddy Head was beautiful, we hiked the trails and enjoyed every minute of it. The bogs were very interesting! We went back twice. At night we saw stars that we have never seen before. So quiet and peaceful just the fog horn telling us all is well.

Campobello was great. FDR's cottage was very interesting and beautiful, I never knew that was were he became ill. We didn't get to walk out to the East Quoddy Head because the tides weren't willing to be low at a reasonable hour ha! But we took some beautiful pictures of the area. We enjoyed the Campobello gift house. The fellow that owns it is very nice, I bought some Thistle Pottery while visiting.

All in all we had a wonderful time! As I said the cottage is lovely and so big! We weren't bumping into each other. The Northrups were so nice, Bud showed us around and made us feel very welcome. I can't think of anything that would need to be changed or corrected. Thanks for a great time!

Couple from Maryland

Our vacation in Lubec was to us like a week in paradise! Your cottage was the most ideally located, and certainly the loveliest, that we saw the week we were there. The cottage itself was perfect. It was VERY clean, even the large back window in the kitchen was spotless, and quite comfortable. We couldn't have asked for more!

As for what we would recommend that people do... Well, there is so much it is hard to put in words. Simply walking your beach would entertaine anyone every single day. But the highlights have to be Quoddy and Campobello, for hikers and view lovers.

We also, being birders, were quite taken with Moosehorn (both tracts) and Cobscook Bay State Park. I wrote in your journal at the cottage about all the bird species I counted right on your property, and this isn't even prime shorebird migration. You have good "yard birds"! Eagles, several warblers, several sparrows, siskins, swallows, finches, well, like I said, I left a list.

We went to the Pembroke Reversing Falls, and, while lovely, it wasn't really a good hiking location. Plus, it was actually the most crowded place we went! We rarely encountered other hikers anywhere else, although there were always people in the Quoddy parking lot.

A little used trail that was very lovely was the Boot Cove hike, which is in the Cobscook Bay Trails booklet in your file at the cottage. It combines a nice little bog boardwalk area with a wonderful coastal and beach hike. We saw Loons there, which we hadn't seen anywhere else along the coast (in fact I expected not to see any at all, since I think of them as lake birds).

There is no greater joy, however, than simply sitting at your kitchen table and gazing out at the water, watching the tides come and go. The 5 Bald Eagles were seen almost every day, playing and performing their aerial dynamics. We saw seals frequently, which surprised us because we thought they would be later in the season.

Thank you again for everything! It was one of the best vacations we have ever had.

Family of 4 from Massachusetts

Something new we discovered this time is the entire International park. In past years, we've only gone to Roosevelt's house over on Campobello in the International Park. This year we did the whole park and one thing I highly recommend is the board walk that goes out over the bog area and up to an observation deck. It's terrific and great for people with little children because it's well built. Also, everything except the observation deck is handicapped accessible. Other trails in the park are well maintained and marked and can be done with kids pretty easily. They have good information about which trails may not be suitable for children.

Also, for a day trip we highly recommend St. Andrews, New Brunswick. It's only a 2 hour drive and has a lovely garden called Kingsbrae Gardens, great restaurants and stores, and a nice aquarium. It's a lovely town to walk around in. It's a great day trip and well worth it.

This year, we also found out that the Downeast Interpretive Center in Lubec posts activities around Lubec. Things like garden tours and walks. So it's worth checking out early in a visit -- we missed some stuff we would have been interested in because we didn't know about it.

Finally, if people are coming up who like mysteries, there is a mystery series set in Eastport by a woman named Sarah Graves. The first one is called Dead Cat Bounce. The stories are a good read and have a good flavor of the area.

As always, our favorite thing is the beach and the house. Everything was great. The weather was terrific, the beach was lovely, and we spent most of our time just hanging around on the beach.

Family from New York

We had a wonderful time at your cottage. It was truly a peaceful and private retreat. Be sure to remind folks to bring a pair of binoculars! (We got lucky - our teenager actually remembered hers).

Campobello Island was the highpoint of our sight seeing. The Roosevelt Cottage is beautiful. The giftshop on the island when you first cross over is by far the best. The "Campobello Gift Shop" left a lot to be desired - plus the employee was very cold and rude.

The West Quoddy lighthouse was another fine experience for all involved. The kids got a real kick out of 'touching' a lighthouse (Mom did too!). The giftshop of the same name was a wonderful stop. Very pleasant lady (and dog).

Family from New York

Situated on a cove of the Bay of Fundy, with a mile long sand bar and QuoddyHead State Park to the south and the town of Lubec to the north, the South Lubec property offered privacy, spectacular views and proximity to all the areas attractions.

One night after a barbeque, we roasted s'mores on the open fireplace overlooking the bay, while observing the milky way, bright as a white belt spanning the sky from horizon to horizon. And if that was not enough, a full moon rose on the eastern horizon as a firey red ball, illuminating the bay and the islands of Campabello and Grand Manan. A remarkable night at the perfect Maine vacation setting.

3 Adults from Utah

The house was nice and the beach was the greatest. As I am an early riser and my traveling companions were not, I was able to walk the beach for hours every morning collecting shells and sea glass. It was a few extra minutes but I would go to the West Quoddy Light house every morning to watch the sun rise and that was unbelievable.

I would recommend every one read the journals that past visitors have left as they gave some wonderful ideas on what to do. We read about Liberty Point on Campobello. It is a hike that is not mentioned on the net, nor anywhere else but I highly recommend it. I felt like I was in Alaska, walking on Tundra, watching seals from the trail and then ending up at the beautiful Art Work at Liberty Point. We also took the Cutler Trail just east of your Moose Cove Cabin. That too was great.

Family of 4 from Massachusetts

The new thing we discovered this time was the Old Sardine Village Museum. It's right on Route 189 in Lubec and is really interesting. As well as a good presentation on turn of the century sardine can making, there are machines of just about any type you can imagine from the 19th and early 20th century. They have one of the original can manufacturing machines form 1839 that was invented by Mr. Underwood. It is a fascinating place. It's a good trip in conjunction with the Lewis Hine exhibition in Eastport. Hine was an early 20th century photographer who worked for child labor reform. (Most people have heard of him because of the photographs he did of tenements and immigrants). He did a series of photographs in Eastport of children working in the sardine canning industry and there is an exhibit of them running through the summer. The two things are a good combination for anyone interested in US History or inventions.

Also, in past years we've suggested that people who are inclined drive up to St. Andrews, NB, and check it out. We still like the town a lot, but this year on our return there was an hour and a half back up at customs coming back into the U.S. We were there at about 5:30. So watch out for that.

Family of 4 from Massachusetts

We had a wonderful time, as always. A new thing we tried this year, which we liked, was a tour through this company called Tidal Trails. Here's the link to their web site -

We did a two and a half hour boat tour of the Cobscook Bay. It was wonderful. The guide, Tim, is very knowledgeable and extremely pleasant and although it's a little nerve wracking for me to be on a boat with my two children for two hours, he was great with kids. I would recommend this for children 5 and older. John (age 5) loved every minute of it. Owen (age 3) got a little bored. We saw seals, eagles, cormorants, eider ducks, and toured around the area, including the reversing falls, Atlantic Salmon Hatchery. We plan to do a tour with them next year as well.

Also, for best seafood, Bill keeps going back to this place called Ocean's Harvest, which is right off Route 1 as you head up to Pembroke. In Bill's opinion this is the best place to go for fish and steamers.

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