Moose Cove Maine Oceanfront Vacation Rental Cottage

Previous Vacationers' Experiences and Impressions

2 Adults from Maryland

The cove is absolutely beautiful! The seals came to visit and stayed for several days though they do dive when fishing boats get near the cove! We spent two days on the rocks (I love climbing and sitting on rocks) watching the seals and the ducks and the fisherman and the cruise ship (we learned the next day that it had docked at St. Andrews) and the tankers and the smaller ships! There were also some beautiful iris is bloom down near the beach.

We explored as far as St. John, New Brunswick one day. We also checked out St. Andrews and St. George (St. Stephen on the way). We both loved Campobello, especially on the trails in the International Park.

We also drove back to Jasper Beach near Machias on day - Obediah's food is FANTASTIC and a bit different than average fare! We only ate out for lunches. In Lubec we ate at Dianne's [now Murphy's] - very good.

Family from Pennsylvania

Our vacation was great, the view from the cottage was wonderful. I could have sat there all week and just watched the seals and the eagles. We went out to Campobello and went whale watching, we saw a mother finback with a calf, I would recommend the trip to everyone. My husband wanted to see a moose but all he saw were the tracks.

Family from Ohio

We really enjoyed our stay at your cottage. It went far beyond our expectations! We had read all the material on your web pages, and it did not (and could not!) prepare us for the view out your front window. We pulled in about 4 pm Saturday and unpacked our van and put everthing down next to the water softener. Then the four of us walked into the living room and looked, and looked, and looked. When we found our vocal chords all we could say was "WOW". We're not rookies to the Maine coast. I grew up in Maine, this is our third consecutive summer of spending a week 'down east'. This was the best!! Thank you.

Specific comments about the cottage

1. You can emphasize even further that the cottage is equipped 'first class'. The appliances are not 'el cheapos', the construction is first rate (not a cabin in the woods, but a home on the coast), the bathroom is not summer cottage stuff (all four of us LOVED the great shower). The beds are not something recycled from a farm auction with 30 years of use in the mattress. Did I say we liked it?? It was a little like being at Boy Scout camp, but with the amenities of home. The telephone we didn't miss. I drove up the hill to use my cell phone once and there was no-one home so I never used it again. The TV we didn't miss, we never did rent any videos. I must confess that we brought a couple of laptops along :-)

2. All four of us spent days climbing the rocks in front of the cottage. Then we relaxed by watching the seals sunbathing, listening to the loons, watching the ducks, the gulls, the terns. We kept an eye out for whales, but never saw any. We saw partridge and deer, but no moose at Moose Cove :-( .

We liked/didn't like

After three straight years of vacationing in this area, we still haven't found a better place to eat out than Helen's in Machias. We first ate there in 1969, and it's just as good now as it was then. The pies are super, the food is fresh and tastey, the price is right, and the service is excellent. A+++

The seafood restaurant on 189 in Lubec, Phinney's, may have good lobster and clams to go (we didn't try that); but as a sit-down restaurant it's just ok. Fries are frozen, pies are just fair. B-

The [restaurant] at the ferry dock in Eastport; food was very good, but service was lousy...the waitress was a pro, but she was obviously bored with her job, and it took her ten minutes to bring the check, despite our attempts to get her attention without being obnoxious. It was not a busy night. Food A Service C

Places to go

Campobello Island. The Roosevelt Cottage is a must!! East Quoddy Light is an interesting walk at low tide, but a challenge for little kids, oldsters, or handicapped adults. The walking trails on the south end of the island are pleasant and not too challenging.

Lubec...West Quoddy Light deserves a visit, but 5 minutes will do. The walking trails in West Quoddy park deserve at least a couple of hours. You must visit the bog!! (Carnivorous pitcher plants!!). Downtown Lubec can be depressing...some areas (the old sardine factories) are pretty run down.

Eastport...We enjoyed the mustard factory tour, simple and interesting, with a nice gift shop. The library is a gem. Lots of collector volumes (a first printing of Darwin's ""On the Origin of Species"). Apparently these were donated by the New Yorkers who used to come to Campobello (taking the train from NY to Eastport).

Cutler Harbor...described as one of the prettiest harbors in Maine. Worth the visit....some will want to sit and watch the tide come in, others will be ready to leave in 5 minutes. Be sure to visit the Bold Coast hiking trails 3 miles east of Cutler. This can be an all day affair. there are miles and miles of trails, through bogs, along the crashing surf....beautiful place.

Moosehorn Willife Refuge. Some will love it, some will be have to work at finding the's not a zoo with animals lined up in cages..REMIND EVERYONE TO BRING BINOCULORS!!!!

Cherryfield is a nice old seafaring town. Big old Captain's houses. Sort of a low-priced version of Camden.

Machias...the only town in Washington County that even resembles a growing prosperous community. Visit the Burnham Tavern. Great tours by an interested and interesting guide..lots of local color and history about Machias. This is a must visit!!!!!!!

Shopping.......The Sow's Ear in Machias is my daughter's favorite. The Puffin Pig in Whiting gets my wife's vote...

Family from Virginia

We were fortunate enough to hit fog and 70 degree weather for most of our stay. I know that may not be everyone's idea of a great time -- but we were there the week it was so hot 133 people died from heat complications. Where we live near Washington D.C. was 103 degrees!

Our best experiences included going whale watching on Island Cruises. We went over to Campobello Island to purchase tickets. With the exchange rate, eating out and doing things like whale watching was less expensive in Canada. The people who ran the boat were very nice and we were five feet from a mother finback whale and her three month old calf. It was absolutely incredible. That came about after initially thinking we would have to head back to shore because the fog was so thick. We could hear the whales but not see them. Then we broke out into a patch of sun and there these two were. We stayed and watched them play for more than 45 minutes.

My girls and I hiked out to the lighthouse on Campobello. That was fun, but in retrospect, it is quite a hike for an eight year old. (Or maybe it's just my own nervousness about her slipping on the ladders.) We also hiked both the bog and coastal trails at Quody Head Park. Very interesting and very scenic. The bog trail is an easy hike. The coastal trail is a bit of a goat trail in places. To do both is about a five mile hike.

One of the best parts of the time spent at Moose Cove was just sitting and enjoying the sounds, smells and sights. We didn't use the t.v./vcr the entire week but instead did board games and played charades. Somehow the t.v. just didn't fit. The time at Moose Cove was too short. There were lots of other things I wanted to do but didn't and lots more time I wanted to spend sitting just soaking it up. Instead, I'm back in D.C. and it's taken me a month to write and let you know what a wonderful place you have because all the hectic activity was here waiting for us to pick it up again. Weeks at places like Moose Cove though, make dealing with places like D.C. a whole lot easier.

4 Adults from Florida

We enjoyed the fantastic view and the peace and quiet of the surroundings, yet we were still relatively close to civilization at Moose Cove. I especially liked having modern appliances minus the TV and phone which could have interferred with our enjoyment of the outside. We counted 28 seals on the rocks, saw a minke whale come into the cove, enjoyed watching the lobstermen working in the cove and on the last day of our visit, turning in off of Rt. 191, we saw a MOOSE! My sister was yelling, "oh my God, oh my God!" from the back seat. We were really excited, especially when my brother-in-law said, "he's as big as the Explorer!" ... We especially loved our trips to the Lupine Lodge for lunch and dinner. We liked the Homeport Inn as well, but they were a little pricey. We found a little diner-type place called Millie's out on Rt 1 just up from Whiting that had great food at great prices but absolutely no atmosphere, other than the local folks. The coconut creme pie at Lupine Lodge is to die for.

Family from New Jersey

We did a lot of hiking. The Great Wass Island nature preserve was, indeed, great. The trail is easy as those things go. Very little climbing and it ends on a beautiful stretch of coast. On the way back to the cabin we drove through Roque Bluffs and the beach looked wonderful, though by then we were all too worn out to spend time there.

Later in the week, we hiked the trail that starts at Destiny Bay and runs to the beach opposite River Island in the Cutler Harbor. We also hiked the boot head trail, one of the trails in the Coobscook Trail Guide, and it was nothing less than spectacular. The trail itself is not long and not hard, but the woods it goes through are beautiful, and it ends at one of the most amazing spots on the bold coast. Hundred foot cliffs, wide open ocean views. Not a building or development in sight.

We tried to do a second trail from the Guide, the Moran Head trail, down Crow's Nest road and from there to the shore of the bay. But we didn't stop to think beforehand that a "wetlands" trail would mean lots and lots of very aggressive mosquitos, so we gave up on that one, and drove over to the boot head trail, which was incredible. One day we went kayaking with Tidal Trails, and while we loved the trip, I felt it was a bit expensive, and that Tim, the owner and "guide" was a bit too rushed about it all, on one hand, and didn't do a lot of guiding, on the other. We bought lobster one evening off the dock in Cutler, which I would recommend. One of your guests described Cutler as worth only a drive through, but I think it warrants more than that.

There was a lot more wildlife this year than we saw last year, including 3 sightings of a bald eagle. Once it flew over our heads across the cove at about 75 feet, very clear, and swooped down where a great heron was feeding on something about 700-800 feet away. The heron flew off in a hurry. Very dramatic. The seals were also there in abundance. One day there must have been 40 of them hanging out on the rocks. We did our "regular" hike around the cove and had a wonderful time exploring tidal pools. Huge crabs scuttling to get out of view as we walked along the rocks. The kids liked that a lot.

I bought a lot of local papers this trip, and learned a lot from reading them. The Machais and Eastport and Lubec papers are great sources for people with any interest in the area, and maybe some guests would find them as interesting as I did.

Family from New York

What a place you have! The natural splendor, lack of air and noise pollution and general heavenliness was the best! We sighted Minke whales, one Finback and 36 seals (at one time) just sitting on the rocks outside. We found the cottage to be wonderful. Thank you for the nice dishes and well-stocked cupboards you provide-it's a pleasure to cook in your kitchen.

Couple from Massachusetts

We had a great time at Moose Cove! It was a perfect cottage and its location was absolutely wonderful! We enjoyed the sunrises and watching the many white/grey seals lounge around on the rocks during low tide. We went to reversing falls, Canada, Quoddy, Cobscook park and more. We had good weather, a little rain on 2 days but nothing that interfered with our good time.

Couple from Illinois

We have really enjoyed watching the seals! We will really miss them!!

My husband and I are already looking forward to coming back someday soon. It's so peaceful here — we've loved the quietness and relaxation.

Thank you for keeping such a great place, it far exceeded our expectations!

Family from Pennsylvania

[Daughter] Lots of mosquitos so far, but no blackflies. We've been playing a lot of board games and puzzles, I'm reading Atlas Shrugged (it's great). Went for a nice hike to Moose Island but mom & I didn't try to go across all those seaweed covered rocks.

[Mother] It's been 5 days, with five different weather conditions (All awesome). I've never witnessed nature at it's finest as I have at Moose Cove.

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